/Product Shots/SLS_and_DEA_Free_ShampooSLS & DEA Free Shampoo - SLS & DEA Free

Unlike almost all other commonly used hair and scalp cleansing products, HLCC Scripts Shampoo Cleanser has been scientifically formulated without DEA and SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) as a part of its active ingredients.

In light of recent research regarding the safety of DEA and SLS, we offer this healthy alternative -  a blend of mild, non irritating cleansing agents with water soluble polymers that provides moisture and added shine to the hair, but without harsh and potentially damaging chemical additives. 

Because HLCC Scripts Shampoo Cleanser is so gentle, it can be used every day.  Its unique formula effectively removes undesirable scalp residue and build-up while simultaneously providing strength, moisture and shine to the hair.

/Product Shots/Hair_Therapy_CoenzymeHair Therapy Coenzyme

This highly concentrated preparation for home treatments contains both biotin, Dexpanthenol, two vitamins, cysteine, cystine, methionine, and amino acids which are found in the hair shaft. 

It is believed to stimulate production of protein at the follicle level, reduce activity of the sebaceous glands and neutralize the activity of Alpha-Reductase (the enzyme responsible for the transformation of testosterone into Di-hydro-testosterone or DHT).



/Product Shots/HLCC_AA_PlusHLCC™ AA Plus

AA Plus is very similar to Complete as a proven DHT inhibitor, but it is for vegans and those allergic to shellfish. AA Plus fights DHT with an advanced formulation of anti-androgenic (DHT blocking) agents.

AA Plus provides clinically proven growth vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals. It has no side effects and is safe for men and women.